Tiger Eye - Beauty and Metaphysics

Published: 14th May 2009
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Those who believe in the metaphysical benefits of crystals and gems consider tiger eye or tiger's eye to be a powerful and positive stone. They often wear pieces of jewelry such as a silver pendant, bracelet or necklace with this stone. The stone is said to have a strond grounding power, and this is especially useful for people who are prone to flights of fancy. Tiger eye promotes integrity, willpower and pragmatism. It is often used as a symbol of good luck and financial prosperity. Since ancient times, travelers carried objects made of tiger eye to protect them during their journey. It is said that tiger eye promotes clear vision - both physically and metaphorically. This stone is believed to bring one's thoughts and vision to fruition. It keeps the wearer centered and calm by keeping emotions separate from rationale thought and logic. It is a stone of self realization that helps us see our own talents and faults. Tiger eye can be included in a pearl necklace to benefit from synergy needed to attain a balance between thoughts and emotions and true understanding. This stone helps those who suffer from anxiety, fear and obsessive compulsive behavior. On the physical side of things, tiger eye is believed to be helpful for treating digestion and stomach disorders. It helps in the healing of factures and problems related to the spine. It is believed to help those who suffer from night blindness and high blood pressure.

In addition to having beneficial spiritual and metaphysical properties, tiger is popular in fashion jewelry because of the warm beauty of this stone. A silver pendant with a tiger eye focal bead draws attention to the warm brown and golden shades of the stone. It is anamorphous, microcrystalline form of quartz. Its warm glow is because some of the silicon dioxide molecules are replaced by crocilodite fibers that have a preferred vertical orientation. The fibers are hydrated oxide. Because of this, the stone is said to exhibit chatoyancy and resembles the feline eye. From a practical standpoint, tiger eye is a relatively inexpensive stone. A polished cab suitable for a pendant generally costs less than US$2. The unusual beauty and low cost of the stone are a winning combination, and made this stone a favorite of many in the field of fashion jewelry.

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